Our purpose is to offer  a hub and community site for those who love and care for dogs.  We as a species have brought dogs into our homes and they provide us with happiness, love and a myriad of other benefits.   We believe that our beloved canine companions should be repaid with the highest standards of safety and care because they really do deserve the best and that every dog deserves a suitable and loving home.

In consultation with a network of expert opinion we aim to provide information and guidance.  The breed guides are offered in support of the fundamentally important decision in choosing the right dog for your lifestyle as well as advice on training, health and food.

There is even a section devoted to naming your new dog.  This is actually huge fun and your choice and it is strange how names seem to merge with the character of your canine companion. 

Where we think it appropriate we also offer thorough, honest and balanced reviews of products and services.  

We look forward to sharing our passionate interest in these most wonderful of companion animals with you

“If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” (Will Rogers)

Some of our pawsome dog pals..

The Puppy Portal

Please click here to enter the Puppy Portal. Here are some top tips for training and caring for your pawsome puppy.

Dog Trivia

Did you know that owning a dog is scientifically proven to be good for your physical and mental health?  A study found that dog owners live longer and have a 24% reduction in risk from dying from any cause.   Click here for more information.

Dogs in the News

If anyone wants proof of the ‘Terrier spirit’ then 
look no further than this little Yorkshire Terrier who took on a coyote to defend her family. Click here to see this unbelievable video of true ‘Terrier’ spirit.