Cane Corso Boxer Mix (Cane Corxer) – Complete Guide with 23 Questions Answered

Why get a Cane Corso Boxer Mix?

The Cane Corso Boxer Mix offers a combination of two powerful breeds who were both 'catcher-dogs' They also share Mastiff heritage.

The Cane Corxer therefore is an example of how something wonderful happens when ancient genetic lines separate and come together again in an impressive package.

This athletic and strong dog is ideal for an active owner or family who are experience with large breeds.

Physical Attributes

Boxer Great Dane Mix - Height
Height: Large
Male: 24-27 inches (60 -68 cm)
Female: 23-26 inches (58 – 66cm)

Boxer Great Dane Mix - Weight
Male & Female: 72-92 lb (33-42 kg)

Boxer Great Dane Mix - Colors
Colors: Any solid or partial color, although brown or brindle is likely to be common. May inherit the distinctive flash of white on the chest from the Boxer.
Boxer Great Dane Mix - Groups
Founding Breed Groups:

Cane Corso:
Working Group

Working Group

Lifestyle Guidance:

Very High

Very Good


Boxer Great Dane Mix- first dog

Below Average

Very Good

Boxer Great Dane Mix - apartment
Apartment Living

Not suitable

Reasons to get a Cane Corso Boxer Mix

  • A loyal dog who always wants to be with you (Click here for details)
  • A good family dog tolerant and patient towards children (Click here for details)
  • An intelligent dog able to be trained to a good standard (Click here for details)
  • An effective guard dog (Click here for details)
  • Can live with other dogs (Click here for details)
  • Good with cats (Click here for details)
  • Suits an active lifestyle (Click here for details)
  • Minimal grooming requirements (Click here for details)

Reasons to get a Cane Corso Boxer Mix

  • Needs an experienced dog owner
  • Very high energy dog will not suit a frail or elderly owner
  • May be stubborn on occasions
  • The Corxer will need plenty of space inside and outside the home

What is a Cane Corso Boxer Mix?

The Cane Corso Boxer Mix is a sprightly and powerful mix of two founding breeds whose origins both lie in the role of ‘catcher-dogs’ in the hunting fields of Europe. Interestingly the Boxer is thought to have been the product of a breeding of the now extinct German Bullenbeiser (meaning ‘bull-biter’) crossed with Mastiff dogs.

This means that this cross with the Cane Corso, also known as the Italian Mastiff, offers one of those fascinating examples where a shared genetic inheritance conjoins together again in one powerful and agile package. The Cane Corxer may not be catching bulls anymore but are certain to catch attention out in the park.

But, as with any hybrid it is always important to research the parent breeds, the Cane Corso and the Boxer, in order to be in position to have guidance on both the physical attributes and the temperament. This is because there is no exact science to predict which characteristics will predominate and how they will be configured in any particular dog.

For more information regarding the founding breeds and a whole range of other wonderful types of dogs please feel free to visit our breed guide.

For a very beautiful example of a Cane Corxer in action please click here.

Cane Corso Boxer Mix - Parent Breed
The Boxer brings a fun personality and tireless energy to the Cane Corso Boxer Mix

What are the history and origins of the Cane Corso Boxer Mix?

In order to truly understand the qualities and character of a classic or hybrid breed it is essential to have an idea of their original purpose and development.

So here follows an account of the fascinating history surrounding both the Cane Corso and the Boxer.

The Boxer – Origins and History

The Boxer developed in Germany in the 19th century as bull-baiting dogs and as farmer’s dogs helping to drive and control cattle on their way to markets. They were also prized as hunting dogs interestingly having a similar function to the Cane Corso as ‘catcher dogs’. These dogs had the role of holding down large prey, such as boars and deer, once the sight-hounds had identified and slowed their victim down.

Boxers are intelligent, loyal and devoted companions. Many Boxer owners claim that once you own a Boxer you will be smitten with the breed and never think about owning another dog. They are particularly celebrated for their clownish antics and sense of fun during a very prolonged puppy-hood.

But that is not to say that this dog does not also have a serious side. As a former ‘catcher dog’ bred to take on prey larger than itself, it comes as little surprise that the Boxer is a very confident dog, with a reputation for being fearless inheriting the ‘Bulldog Spirit’ from its stout little forebear. Added into the mix is the tenacity and drive of the Terrier influence.

The Boxer is a very energetic and athletic dog with a high prey drive. This means that you can expect this dynamic dog to boisterously chase and run around. Some of the breed will go after small animals on a walk and this combined with an inquisitive nature means that they love to explore. This means recall should be an important feature of the training regime.

Cane Corso Boxer Mix - Cane Corso Parent Breed
The Cane Corso brings a lean muscularity and devotedly loyal temperament to the Cane Corso Boxer Mix

The Cane Corso – Origins and History

The Cane Corso, also known as the Italian Mastiff, has roots extending back to the ancient Molossian war dogs from Ancient Greece.

These huge and powerful hounds where then employed as the Roman empire expanded. The forebear of the Cane Corso, known generically as the Italian Mastiff, was used as a war dog, and to grace the amphitheatres in battles with a range of other creatures including bears and lions.

As the Roman Empire declined these dogs were highly prized for both guarding and protecting houses and farms, but also in the hunting of large game such as boars and bears.

In fact the word ‘Cane’ means ‘dog’ and ‘Corso’ means to catch hence the English translation of this dog’s title is ‘catch-dog’. In this capacity this Italian Mastiff proved its bravery and formidable strength widely across the hunting fields of Italy, while the Boxer fulfilled the same role in Northern Europe. These breeds were designed to follow the lead of the speedier Sight-Hounds, then to employ their bulk and power in holding down and restraining large prey until the hunters could arrive.

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Great Dane Boxer Mix

Cane Corso Boxer Mix
The Cane Corxer is a an adaptable dog that is happy to travel as long as they are with their family. Image Source: Kleacanecorxer @instagram

What is an interesting fact about the Cane Corso Boxer Mix (Cane Corxer)?

Although the Boxer was developed in Germany, and the Cane Corso in Italy, these parent breeds have a lot in common.

These dogs are both related to the Mastiff group of breeds. The Cane Corso is a direct descendant of the Italian Mastiff descended from the war dogs of Rome. While the Boxer is thought to have descended from Bullenbeiser or ‘Bull-Biter’ which also gained its strength and power from the Mastiff influence.

Both these dogs then became prized as ‘catching-dogs’ hunting large game such as bears and boars. But with the decline of course hunting their natural fearless bravery was adapted to herding large cattle by nipping them on the legs.

This common heritage has created a wonderfully athletic and physically impressive mixed breed dog and had a fascinating impact on their temperament.

What is the temperament and personality of the Cane Corso Boxer Mix (Cane Corxer)?

Both the Cane Corso and the Boxer have historically similar roles, not only in driving cattle, but also in protecting farms and homes. This means that both these founding breeds like to be close to their owners. This means the Cane Corso Boxer Mix is very likely to be a ‘velcro dog’ and will shadow their owners around the house. The Cane Corxer will absolutely dote on their owners and are intensely loyal.

But it must be conceded that the Boxer has inherited some of the stubbornness of the Mastiff. Although the Cane Corso is celebrated as being an exception to this Mastiff tendency. Added to this, the Cane Corso and the Boxer have a reputation for being a little sensitive.

This means that the Cane Corso Boxer Mix will require consistent and patient training. This will be firm but gentle and based around positive reinforcement in order that this large feisty breed becomes a good canine citizen both within and outside the home. The trainability of this dog will also be enhanced by the unswerving desire to please their beloved human owners.

If we consider the cattle-driving heritage of both parent breeds, it becomes obvious that this athletic hybrid breed is also going be very high-energy. This means that the Cane Corxer will be very active. So an experienced owner willing to spend time ensuring this dog is socialized and fully entertained with extensive walking and lots of interactive play is ideal.

This outgoing dog can certainly be expected to be inquisitive and full of life. This exuberance means that this dog will revel in time off the leash to investigate and explore. Although the Cane Corxer is large, this will be perfectly manageable in a well-trained dog equipped with good recall.

The Cane Corso Boxer Mix will want to play with everything that moves including children and any other pets. This makes early socialization to be absolutely imperative to avoid accidents and maintain relaxed and problem-free relationships between this huge hound and other canine, human and even feline members of the family.

With this blend of founding breeds, it is almost guaranteed that the Cane Corxer will provide a very effective guardian of the home. The Cane Corso is known to tend towards being suspicious and aloof towards strangers. But this will be tempered by the Boxer influence, as this parent breed tends to be more people-oriented and well-disposed towards people. So the Cane Corxer promises to be a nice compromise of a dog willing to tackle unwanted strangers, but entirely biddable with welcome guests.

The Cane Corxer is likely to good with other dogs if socialized consistently. But both the Boxer and the Cane Corso can occasionally be aggressive and domineering to unknown canines, particularly if they are the same gender so socializing a Cane Corxer puppy to be respectful and considerate down the park should be prioritized.

But both dogs, possibly as a consequence of heir herding and protection heritage, can happily cohabit wiht smaller animals and other dogs. But if you are bringing a puppy home to an established dog this should be done in a carefully structured way as outlined in introducing a puppy to an older dog.

The Cane Corso Boxer Mix, is adventurous and full of energy. This will make the Cane Corxer a perfect companion for owners and families who enjoy an active lifestyle. This dog will happily go hiking, for example, and happily trot beside a cycle for miles. Their need to be close to their humans, means that home is wherever you are. This means that they are adaptable and will not be anxious by a change in routing or setting on a dog-getaway holiday.

For the different stages in a puppy and adult dog’s development please click here.

What exercise is required for the Cane Corso Boxer Mix?

If there is one thing that you can absolutely guarantee with any Cane Corso Boxer Mix is is certainly going to require plenty of exercise including at least one long walk a day of around 2 hours. This should include, if possible, ample opportunity to run around off the leash. But, as mentioned above, recall training should be foregrounded in training to ensure that they are entirely biddable when off-leash.

Additionally, as much opportunities to run and play in a safe, enclosed area as possible should also be provided along with the mental stimulation of ‘treasure-hunt’, tugging and chasing. They will also thrive on around 20 minutes of obedience training a day to provide additional mental stimulation.

It is also worth noting that both the Boxer and the Cane Corso can suffer from gastric torsion (bloating). This means exercise should be carefully planned not to coincide within an hour either before or after eating to full protect the Cane Corxer from this potentially life-threatening condition. If you have any concerns or want extra information on this then consult a vet for advice at the earliest opportunity.

Is the Cane Corso Boxer Mix a good family dog?

With the right training and socialization in place, the Cane Corxer promises to be a doting and adorable family pet.

This dog will be intensely playful and will demand lots of interactive play so will certainly not tire before you in play. But they will be fiercely protective of the family and very eager to please.

Both founding breeds have a reputation for being tolerant and patient with children, although as with all breeds, interaction must be carefully supervised. This dog may not be ideal for households with very small children simply to the energy and size of the Cane Corso Boxer Mix.

The Cane Corxer makes a wonderful family pet being both playful and protective. Image Source: Kas28XOX @instagram

Who is the ideal owner of a Cane Corso Boxer Mix?

The ideal owner will be active, patient and willing to put in time to socialize and train this dog. Also any experience with large and powerful breeds would be hugely beneficial. Due to its size, power and high energy levels this dog is best suited to a home environment which has space both inside and outside.

As noted, the Cane Corso Boxer Mix, is happiest when in close proximity to their human owners. This also means they will not suit an owner or family if they need to be left alone for any significant period during the day.

If it is essential to leave this dog for any period of time regularly then it is absolutely imperative to offer training for separation anxiety at an early stage to prevent destructive behaviours in the house which will be the reflection of the dog’s stress.

The Cane Corxer will not generally suite novice owners as they require strong canine leadership. Any less experienced dog owners should prioritize attendance at puppy training classes and be prepared to invest the time in learning how to train and care for this magnificent hybrid breed.

What are the grooming requirements of the Cane Corso Boxer Mix?

The Cane Corxer will have very minimal grooming requirements. The short coat is only likely to require a weekly brushing.

But be aware that a Cane Corso Boxer Mix which favors the Boxer may suffer in hot weather as this breed’s short muzzle impairs cooling. This means that in very warm conditions these dogs should be brushed daily to facilitate cooling. Please click here for other tips on keeping your dog safe in hot weather.

Ensure that as part of any grooming routine the ears are carefully cleaned in order to avoid infection and nails are clipped. Also be sure to clean around the face carefully particularly after eating as Boxer favored dogs may find food particles lingering in the jowls and any wrinkling on the face.

How much space is required for a Cane Corso Boxer Mix?

The Cane Corxer is going to need a lot of space. Not only will this dog be physically large, but will also be abounding in energy.

This means there will ideally be lots of space inside, but this dog will certainly require a secure outside space to investigate and exhaust an almost endless desire to play and run around.

For these reasons the Cane Corso Boxer Mix is not recommended for apartment living.

Cane Corso Boxer Mix
The Cane Corso Boxer Mix is a lovable and adorable dog but early and consistent socialization is essential to manage this big dog. Image Source: the_canecorxers @instagram

What is the lifespan of the Cane Corso Boxer Mix?

The lifespan of the Cane Corso is generally between 10 to 12 years. While the Boxer has a healthy lifespan of around 12-13 years.

This means that the probable lifespan for a Cane Corxer is between 10-13 years.

What are the potential health problems for a Cane Corso Boxer Mix?

Hybrid breed dogs are potentially healthier than classic breeds of dogs, but it is still important to be aware of some of the health complications that can afflict the parent breeds of the Cane Corso Boxer Mix in order to have a higher awareness of how best to care for your dog in consultation with a vet.

Potential health problems for this dog include:

  • cardiomyopathy and other related heart conditions
  • bone cancer
  • hip dysplasia
  • elbow dysplasia
  • hypothyroidism
  • gastric torsion
  • corneal erosion and other vision problems

Be aware that Boxer favored dogs may also be sensitive to heat so measures to keep your dog cool in hot weather are also highly recommended.

What kind of training is required for a Cane Corso Boxer Mix?

The Cane Corxer is an intelligent and biddable dog who will do well in training. Indeed to keep this dog fully stimulated it is recommended that this dog receives around 20 minutes each day of obedience training or drills which can readily be incorporated into a walk.

With this fast, powerful and exuberantly playful dog, early socialization and consistent obedience training are something that needs to be put in place early. As noted above, unless the owner is very experienced with large dog owners, puppy training classes are absolutely vital to ensure that a puppy will adapt to his home in such a way as to feel entirely happy, secure and comfortable.

This dog may also pull on the leash a little, so ensuring this dog heels should be foregrounded in the training. Also ideally the energetic Cane Corso Boxer Mix should be allowed a run off-leash. This, however, will depend on consistent recall training.

This will mean that this dog will generally be able to cope with a range of situations both inside and outside the home and forestall any potential aggressive behaviours towards other dogs. This dog will in generally be a playful companion to other dogs. But be aware that the Boxer and the Cane Corso can occasionally exhibit dominant behaviors to unfamiliar dogs of the same sex, so frequent socialization opportunities as a puppy are very important.

Boxers can be puppy-like through much of their adult lives and are late to mature but consistent and patient training from an early age will curtail any unwanted boisterousness in this hybrid dog. It is likely that female Cane Corxers will mature more quickly than their male counterparts.

Training for separation anxiety should also be prioritized for the Cane Corso Boxer Mix to avoid destructive behaviors in the house.

Click here for an outline of the benefits of training. Click here for information on socializing a puppy and here for socializing an adult dog.

Cane Corso Boxer Mix
The Cane Corso Boxer Mix needs a secure outside space for exploration and play

How big will a Cane Corso Boxer Mix get?

The height range of the Cane Corso is generally between 24-27.5 inches (60-69cm) for the male with the female only slightly shorter between around 23-26 inches (58-66 cm) from feet to withers.

The Boxer is an very lean muscular dog who is full of energy, tenacity and playfulness. The male Boxer stands at around 23-25 inches (57-63cm) while the slightly shorter female has a height of around 21-23 inches (55-59cm).

A Cane Corso Boxer Mix male is likely to reach somewhere between around 24-27 inches (60 -68 cm) from feet to withers. While the female is likely to be slightly shorter at between 23-26 inches (58 – 66cm).

How much is a Cane Corso Boxer Mix likely to weigh?

For the Cane Corso the weight should be proportionate to the height of the dog to achieve the preferred leaner working appearance at around 88-110 lb (40-50kg). The weight of the adult Boxer can vary between 55-71lb (25-32 kg).

This means that an adult Cane Corxer is likely to weigh somewhere between 72-92 lb (33-42 kg) with the female averaging around 10 lb lighter.

Where should I get a Cane Corso Boxer Mix from?

If you are looking for a Cane Corso Boxer Mix puppy then always contact a reputable breeder. You should always have the opportunity to see the puppies interacting with the mother. If there is little interaction with the ‘mother’ be cautious as occasionally unscrupulous breeders can bring in another female dog for appearances. A breeder should also have details of the father available on request.

In addition you should have access to the medical records of both parents and any kennel club certificates.

If possible, adoption is a kind and rewarding option. But ensure that you thoughtfully discuss the details of a rescue dog with the charity or rehoming organization in order to offer a dog an appropriate forever home.

If you already have a dog , then please feel free to browse these tips on how to introduce a puppy to an older dog.

What are the feeding requirements of a Cane Corso Boxer Mix?

It is always a good idea to consult with a vet or animal dietician regarding feeding requirements in the early days of ownership, as each dog will be unique. This will ensure that your Cane Corso Boxer Mix will receive a balanced diet in the correct portions. It is also important to balance feeding against exercise to maintain a healthy weight.

As noted in the exercise section both the Boxer and the Cane Corso can suffer from gastric torsion (bloating). This means exercise should be carefully planned not to coincide within an hour either before or after eating to full protect the Cane Corxer from this potentially life-threatening condition. If you have any concerns or want extra information on this then consult a vet for advice at the earliest opportunity.

Should I get a male or female Cane Corso Boxer Mix?

Each dog is unique, so the following only offers a general guide rather than a rule but male and female dogs can have different dispositions. In general the female Cane Corso Boxer Mix tends to be slightly less domineering and boisterous in play.

The female is likely to be slightly less stand-offish with strangers. But both genders offer an adoring, protective family dog.

What colors are common for a Cane Corso Boxer Mix?

In general the Cane Corso Boxer Mix can be any solid or partial color, although black, faun or brown is likely to be common. This dog may inherit the distinctive flash of white on the chest from the Boxer.

Cane Corso Boxer Mix
The Cane Corxer will happily cohabit with other dogs and is likely to get along with other animals. Image Source: the cane_corxers @instagram

Does a Cane Corso Boxer Mix get on with other dogs?

This breed are able to cohabit with other dogs. This is also true of both founding breeds but ensure you follow clear steps in introducing established dogs to a puppy or another dog.

The Boxer is a highly playful and puppy-like breed well into the maturity and the Cane Corso is also full of energy and gregarious with familiar dogs.

If that dog is small, however, ensure that socialization is put in place with the puppy so it continues to be sensitive and careful play when it reaches more gargantuan proportions.

As already noted some of the Cane Corxer may exhibit some dominant behaviors which will be curbed through consistent socialization.

Does a Cane Corso Boxer Mix get on with cats?

If sensitively introduced to cats as a puppy then it is often the case that that they can successfully live with these smaller pets. Both the Boxer and the Cane Corso can naturally have a high prey drive, so the Cane Corxer is very likely to inherit a natural tendency to chase. So careful and structured introductions should be put in place to ensure canine-feline harmony in the house.

This introduction should start with putting down items that belong to the Cane Corso Boxer Mix puppy before the arrival to accustom the cats to the scent. The next step is to confine the puppy to an area. This should certainly include at feeding times. This could be a room with a baby-gate. The area of confinement should be circulated around the house as well as a safely enclosed outside area.

When ready allow the puppy out on an appropriate leash or harness and proactively praise positive interactions and correct any chasing. Ensure the cats always have escape areas including high places to promote their sense of confidence and safety.

Does the Cane Corso Boxer Mix make a good guard dog for the home?

This Cane Corxer will certainly provide a reliable, alert and biddable guardian of the family and the home. The Boxer is a people-oriented dog but will certainly feel very protective of its family with somebody unfamiliar in the home. This is likely to be intensified by the Cane Corso’s disposition to be suspicious of strangers.

This athletic and powerful hybrid breed will therefore prove hard to beat as a deterrent to any would-be intruders.

Where can I found out more?

If you are considering a hybrid breed such as the Cane Corso Boxer Mix always research both founding breeds to ensure that you are fully prepared for the arrival of your dog and nuance your training and lifestyle provision for your exciting new canine family member accordingly.

Please feel free to browse our breed guide for more information on the Cane Corso, Boxer and other breeds. Also a good breeder should be willing to offer you advice and guidance when you take your puppy home.

As noted above if you have any queries or doubts regarding the health or feeding of your Cane Corso Boxer Mix puppy consult a professional vet or animal dietician at the earliest opportunity.

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