Cane Corso Doberman Mix (Doberman Corso) – Complete Guide with 24 Questions Answered

Why get a Cane Corso German Doberman Mix?

The Doberman Corso blends these brilliant breeds into a very athletic, trainable and fun-loving breed. Although this dog will also have a serious side and be an effective guard dog.

But this dog will be high energy and only suit active owners.

Physical Attributes

Cane Corso Doberman Mix  - Height
Height: Large
Male: 23-27 inches (58-69 cm)
Female: 22-25 inches (56-64 cm)

Cane Corso Doberman Mix - Weight
Male: 80-105 lb (36-48 kg)
Female: On average 10lb lighter

Cane Corso Doberman Mix - Colors
Colors: May inherit the black and tan of the Doberman parent. Otherwise common colors include gray, fawn, black, brindle
Cane Corso Doberman Mix- Group
Founding Breed Groups:

Cane Corso:
Working Group

Working Group

Lifestyle Guidance:

Very High



Cane Corso Doberman Mix - first dog


Cane Corso Doberman Mix- small pets
Good with Small Pets

Below Average

Cane Corso Doberman Mix - apartment
Apartment Living

Not suitable

Reasons to get a Cane Corso Doberman Mix (Doberman Corso)

  • Highly trainable (click here for details)
  • Affectionate and devotedly loyal temperament (click here for details)
  • A good family dog (click here for details)
  • An excellent guard dog (click here for details)
  • Moderate grooming requirements (click here for details)
  • Would suit an owner or family with an active lifestyle (click here for details)
  • Relatively long lifespan for a big dog (click here for details)
  • Able to live with other dogs (click here for details)

Reasons not to get a Cane Corso Doberman Mix (Doberman Corso)

  • This high energy dog will need lots of space and inside out
  • Not suitable for a novice owner
  • Requires lots of physical and mental stimulation
  • Will not suit a frail owner
  • Will need human companionship most of the time
  • Not the best fit if you have cats

What is a Cane Corso Doberman Mix?

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix offers an exciting fusion of fast, athletic and highly trainable parents breed. The Cane Corso is notable among Mastiffs as having lean athleticism as well as muscle, and the Doberman offers a further intensification of this having a powerful physique blended with an ability to reach blistering speeds.

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix, also known as the Doberman Corso, will offer a sporty mixed breed likely to be an athlete of the canine world. At the same time both parent breeds are highly trainable, meaning there will be a lot to love about this hybrid dog.

With a designer breed such as the Doberman Corso it is always important to research the parent breeds, the Cane Corso and Doberman, in order to be in position to have guidance on both the physical attributes and the temperament.

Click here for our full breed guide.

Cane Corso Doberman Mix - Cane Corso Parent Breed
The Cane Corso brings physical power and exuberant high spirits to the Doberman Cane Corso Mix

What are the history and origins of the Cane Corso Doberman Mix?

In order to truly understand the qualities and character of a classic or hybrid breed it is essential to have an idea of their original purpose and development.

So here follows an account of the history surrounding both the Cane Corso and the Doberman.

Cane Corso History and Origins

The Cane Corso, also known as the Italian Mastiff, has roots extending back to the ancient Molossian war dogs from Ancient Greece.

These huge and powerful hounds where then employed as the Roman empire expanded during the 1st century BC. The forebear of the Cane Corso, known generically as the Italian Mastiff, was used as a war dog, and to grace the amphitheatres in battles with a range of other creatures including bears and lions.

As the Roman Empire declined these dogs were highly prized for both guarding and protecting houses and farms, but also in the hunting of large game such as boars and bears.

In fact the word ‘Cane’ means ‘dog’ and ‘Corso’ means to catch hence the English translation of this dog’s title is ‘catch-dog’. In this capacity this mastiff proved its bravery and formidable strength widely across the hunting fields of Italy.

These breeds were designed to follow the lead of the speedier Sight-Hounds, then to employ their bulk and power in holding down and restraining large prey until the hunters could arrive.

As the popularity of course hunting declined, this courage in tackling larger animals was later employed on farms as Cane Corsos became a cattle driving and herding dogs.

This ancient breed did not achieve recognition from the AKC until 2010. But the Cane Corso has since left the other Mastiff breeds snapping at their heels in the popularity stakes and are currently the 25th most popular breed in the United States according to 2020 registration data [1].

Cane Corso Doberman Mix - Doberman Pinscher Parent breed

The Doberman History and Origins

This breed is named after a German tax official called Louis Dobermann.  He developed this breed in the 1880s and 1890s in Apolda, Germany.  Fearing theft, and perhaps unpopularity, the intention was that this dog would protect him on his tax-rounds. 

Dobermann clearly had a fascination and skill with dogs as he was also the town’s dog-catcher. One can only imagine that Louis Dobermann, accompanied by this fearless and loyal protector, proved very successful at both his jobs.

Taxation might not sound like the most exciting origin story for a breed. But the Doberman is a prime example of how already specialized breeds can be combined so dynamically to create something new and wonderful.

Although not officially documented, the Doberman is thought to be bred from a combination of The German Shepherd, The Rottweiler, The Greyhound and the Weimaraner. Other possibilities cited by the AKC include the Black and Tan Terrier and the German Pinscher.

‘Pinscher’ came to German from the French word ‘pincer’ .  This means  to bite and nip signaling the role of this dog as an intimidating guardian.  The fame and popularity of this wonderful dog soon spread.  In 1900 this dog was designated a breed by the German Kennel Club. In 1921 the Doberman had become global and the  Pinscher Club of America was established.

The recent AKC 2020 registration records the Doberman as the 18th most popular breed in the United States [1]. This popularity is certainly helped by the fact that this impressive dog is no longer associated with collecting tax.

It is worth noting that two different strains of Doberman are recognized.  The original  European Doberman refers to the traditional working-line of dogs.  They are slightly heavier with more muscle mass.  While the American Doberman is a show-line and tends to have a lighter frame, a thinner and more sharply curved neck.

Like the German Shepherd  and Rottweiler, the Doberman served with distinction during the Great Wars.  One example of this was a Doberman named Kurt.  He was memorialized with a bronze statue in the 1990s for his efforts in the Battle of Guam in the South Pacific in 1944.  The statue also recognized at least 25 dogs for their heroics as watch-dogs and messenger-dogs who were also lost in action [2].

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Great Dane Doberman Mix.

Cane Corso Doberman Mix
The Cane Corso Doberman Mix promises to be both intelligent and highly trainable
Image Source: MelissaCross@quora

What is an interesting fact about the Doberman Cane Corso Mix?

Both the Cane Corso and the Doberman are used in the police and the military services across the world, as well as being used widely as guard and protection dogs in private spheres.

But the Cane Corso and its forebears are ancient war dogs. These Molosser dogs were large and heavy enough to be dogs of war, mercilessly unleashed upon a rival army with the size and strength to bring down full-grown warriors.

But the Doberman is a relatively modern breed, the first breed club only forming in 1899. But it was quickly recognized due to its intelligence and adaptability as the perfect modern war dog, and indeed around 75% of dogs used in WW2 were Dobermans [3].

But no longer were dogs thrown at gun-wielding troops rather they were used as messengers, for mine-detection and to silently warn troops of the approach of the enemy.

In considering the Cane Corso and the Doberman together therefore we see how the use of dogs in warfare has evolved with the changes in technology over the last couple of thousand years.

What does the Cane Corso Doberman look like?

It is not an exact science to predict how a Cane Corso Doberman Mix will look as each dog may favor one parent breed in aspects of both physical appearance as well as temperament.

But the following outlines the likely outcome of blending these two magnificent breeds.

The Cane Corso has the archetypal Mastiff appearance to the head, wide and blocky. This may well be given more length and definition by the influence of the Doberman. The Doberman Cane Corso Mix is also likely to have more stretch in the short and broad muzzle that you would expect with a purebred Cane Corso.

In terms of the body this dog will most certainly be muscular with a deep chest, but the Doberman influence is likely to add a leaner athleticism to the frame of this mixed breed dog with the stomach tucked in.

You can certainly expect the back of this dog to be straight leading a tail carried only slightly higher than horizontal.

The hindquarters of this dog will be well-muscled giving this mixed breed the capability of accelerating at a considerable pace. The feet will be rounded, although more splayed than the cat-like feet of the purebred Doberman.

What is the temperament and personality of the Cane Corso Doberman Mix (Doberman Corso)?

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix promises to be a very exciting and majestic mixed breed who will make both an excellent guard dog, but with physical and mental stimulation in place will also provide an intelligent and highly trainable companion for all of the family.

The Cane Corso is considered to be among the most intelligent and adaptable of the Mastiff breeds. But the Doberman comes in at an impressive 5th place in Stanley Coren’s evaluation of the intelligence of dog breeds [3]. You can expect this dog to be very alert and always ready to place themselves at the center of everything in the family home.

This means that the Doberman Corso will want to kept on its paws, often seeking interactive play through chasing, fetch or treasure hunt games. Add to this that both parent breeds are high energy dogs with a high prey-drive, so you can expect this hybrid dog will be like a whirlwind around the home.

But this dog is not destructive and is likely to have good house manners. Also a well-trained Cane Corso Doberman Mix will be highly manageable, particularly as they will possess an unflinching desire to please.

This mixed breed is very likely to be sensitive, so will need firm but gentle leadership with behavior and training managed around positive reinforcement.

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix will be a very tolerant and doting member of the family and will be excellent with children. But, as with all dogs, they should not be left alone with younger members of their human family and interaction should be monitored by an adult.

This mixed breed is likely to be highly protective of all the family. While an excellent trait, socialization and training must ensure that they are able to identify and respect unfamiliar people who are welcome in the household.

They are very unlikely to be a ‘one-person ‘ dog. But rather they will form strong bonds with the whole family and liberally distribute their loyalty and affections across all members of their beloved human pack.

This dog will almost certainly be people-centric, and will prove adaptable and resilient as long as they are close to their human family. This means that they will happily go on holidays and accept a change of scene without too much distress. But they will not cope well with any changes in the composition of the household.

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix will generally sociable out in the park.  They will get on with other dogs, but some may assert dominant behaviors.  This can be mitigated by early socialization training. 

This dog is likely to be a veritable athlete. They are very athletic and do perform well in canine agility contests, but ensure any fences outside are very high as they are likely to be excellent escapologists.

What exercise is required for the Cane Corso Doberman Mix (Doberman Corso)?

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix is going to be a highly energetic and athletic dog. This tireless mixed breed is likely to take as much exercise as you can throw in its direction, along with any other stimulation available such as obedience training, tracking and trailing.

They are likely to be excellent at any form of Schutzhund or agility and obedience based dog sports.

It is recommended that this dog receives at least a couple of hours of walking each day. In addition, ample opportunities to explore and run around in a safe, enclosed area is highly advised

This mixed breed dog will the perfect companion for long, challenging walks, jog, hikes and they will certainly able to trot along beside a cycle for miles.

If possible, walking should be combined with as much physical and mental stimulation as possible. Examples of this include ‘treasure-hunts’, retrieval of balls and Frisbees as well as chasing games.

If possible the Doberman Corso will relish the opportunity to run off the leash during walks. The good news is that a well-socialized and consistently trained this hybrid dog will be biddable and should have good recall.

Be aware that both parent breeds of the Cane Corso Doberman Mix suffer from gastric torsion. This means exercise should be planned carefully around meal times. Avoid exercising this dog within an hour of them eating.

Is the Cane Corso Doberman Mix a good family pet?

The Cane Corso and the Doberman are both large dogs that like to be very close to their human family. This has been intensified by the fact that both have been bred towards protection of both people and property.

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix will therefore continuously want to to stick close to the whole family. This mixed breed is unlikely to be a ‘one-person dog’ but will form strong bonds with all of its beloved humans in the home.

This dog will also be a fun and playful member of the family and will keep children fully entertained for many hours (it is likely that the children will tire before this energetic canine).

Of course, as with all breeds, although the Cane Corso Doberman Mix will be a very tolerant play-mate this interaction should be monitored at all times. Children must also be taught to fully respect this dog to ensure harmonious and happy play.

Although Mastiff breeds generally become anxious if there is a change in routine, this trait is not shared by the Cane Corso. The Doberman is also a spirited and adventurous dog so will readily accompany the family on days out or dog-friendly holidays without any concerns.

Who is the ideal owner of a Cane Corso Doberman Mix (Doberman Corso) ?

The ideal candidate should first and foremost be an experienced dog owner comfortable with large and powerful breeds.

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix will be powerful and will require an owner who is physically strong enough to handle this dog. Also this mixed breed will be high-energy so will require owners who are themselves active and able to undertake lengthy walks alongside other physical stimulation such as fetch and tug games.

This dog that will be intelligent and will also need the stimulation of obedience drills and various training exercises. This will also allow your Doberman Corso to reach its full potential as well as ensuring that this large hound is fully biddable and manageable both within and outside the home.

Alternatively this dog will prosper most with an owner who is willing to invest time in puppy socialization and training classes to ensure their dog is confident and entirely biddable both within and outside the home.

This dog likes to keep very close to its family. This means that this mixed breed will not suit an environment where they are regularly left alone for any period of time. Click for more information on managing separation anxiety.

What are the grooming requirements of the Doberman Cane Corso Mix (Doberman Corso)?

The Doberman Cane Corso Mix will have only occasional brushing is necessary to remove dead and circulate vital natural oils around the skin.

The coat will generally be short and sleek coat, but be aware that the Doberman only has a single coat. This means a mixed breed dog may share this trait and be more susceptible to the cold

During periods of very hot weather, the coat acts as a natural aircon system for a dog. So more regular daily brushing is recommended to remove dead hair and allow airflow through the coat. Please click here for other tips on keeping your dog safe in hot weather.

Both the Doberman Pinscher and the Cane Corso have a reputation for being clean, but there is a chance that Cane Corso favored dogs may sometimes drool.

Cane Corso Doberman Mix
The Doberman Corso is very active, high-energy dog who combines strenght with athleticism
Image Source: pawsomebunch@instagram

How much space is required for a Cane Corso Doberman Mix (Doberman Corso)?

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix is going to be a large dog full of energy. This means that this dog will be best suited to a reasonably sized home.

But more importantly this house should have access to fair-sized outdoor area for this dog to expend energy in interactive play, exploring scents and patrolling the bounds of its property.

The Cane Corso has the reputation of being an accomplished escapologist. The Doberman will only add to the athleticism of this dog so ensure that all outdoor areas are secure with robust and tall fencing.

Apartment living is not ideal for this very active dog unless very plentiful exercise opportunities are offered.

What is the lifespan of the Cane Corso Doberman Mix (Doberman Corso)?

The lifespan of the Cane Corso is between 10-12 years. The Doberman has a healthy life expectancy of 9-13 years. 

The likely lifespan for a Cane Corso Doberman Mix is likely to be between 10-13 years.

What are the potential health problems for a Doberman Cane Corso Mix (Doberman Corso)?

Hybrid breed dogs are potentially healthier than purebred breeds of dogs.

But it is still important to be aware of some of the health complications that can afflict the founding breeds of the Doberman Cane Corso Mix as it still possible that they may be inherited.

Potential health problems for the Doberman Corso from the Cane Corso side include:

  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • hip dysplasia
  • elbow dysplasia .
  • Eye and Vision problems such as Ectopion and Entropion

Other risks from the Doberman side may include:

  • CVI (Wobbler’s syndrome)
  • gastric torsion and other gastrointestinal complications
  • hypothyroidism
  • PRA and other eye conditions
Cane Corso Doberman Mix
This very handsome mixed breed will have longer and narrower features than a purebred Cane Corso. Image Source: Gonzo@instagram

What kind of training is required for a Cane Corso Doberman Mix (Doberman Corso)?

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix will be amongst the stars of any puppy or dog training sessions and will be quick to master a range of commands.

It is important to initially ensure that this dog is thoroughly and consistently socialized in a range of situations and settings. Behaviors around other dogs should be a particular focus as this will curb any tendencies to be domineering as this mixed breed approaches maturity.

It is very important to prioritize the sit and wait command as well as heeling on the leash in order to make this dog completely manageable outside on a walk. This dog will also need time off the leash so early recall training is also important.

The Great Dane Cane Corso will then be able to accelerate through a whole range of commands including send away, drop and emergency stop to both offer stimulation and promote your dog’s safety even further.

With proper training consistently based around positive reinforcement, the Cane Corso Doberman Mix can be trained to a very high standard.

Click here for an outline of the benefits of training. Click here for more information on socializing a puppy and here for socializing an adult dog.

How big will a Cane Corso Doberman Mix (Doberman Corso) get?

The Cane Corso has a muscular and compact frame with the broad head that is characteristic of Mastiffs. The height range is generally between 24-27.5 inches (60-69cm) for the male with the female only slightly shorter between around 23-26 inches (58-66 cm) from feet to withers.

The more slender male Doberman stands at around 27-28 inches (69cm-72cm where the female standing around 24-26 inches (60-66cm).

You can expect therefore a male Doberman Mix to reach somewhere between around 23-27 inches (58-69 cm) from feet to withers. While the female is likely to be slightly shorter at between 22-25 inches (56-64 cm).

How much is a Doberman Cane Corso Mix (Doberman Corso) likely to weigh?

Dobermans weigh around 70-100 lbs. For the Cane Corso these lean muscular dogs weigh in at around 88-110 lbs (40-50kg).

This means that a Cane Corso Doberman Mix is likely to weigh somewhere between 80-105 lb (36-48 kg) with the female generally averaging around 10 lb lighter.

Where should I get a Cane Corso Doberman Mix from?

If you are looking for a Doberman Corso puppy then always contact a reputable breeder and look out for the following:

  • You should always have the opportunity to see the puppies interacting with the mother
  • If there is little interaction with the ‘mother’ be cautious as occasionally unscrupulous breeders can bring in another female dog for appearances.
  • A breeder should also have details of the father available on request.
  • In addition you should have access to the medical records of both parents and any kennel club certificates.

This will help you avoid puppy mills.

If possible, adoption of adult dogs is a kind and rewarding option. But ensure that you thoughtfully discuss the details of a rescue dog with the charity or rehoming organization in order to offer a dog an appropriate forever home.

Links to some of these organizations can be found at the end of this article.

If you already have a dog , then please feel free to browse these tips on how to introduce a puppy to an older dog.

Cane Corso Doberman Mix
The Cane Corso Doberman Mix comes in a variety of colors but clearly looks really good in black. Image Source: Dukezer@instagram

What are the feeding requirements of a Cane Corso Doberman Mix (Doberman Corso)?

It is always a good idea to consult with a vet or animal dietician regarding feeding requirements in the early days of ownership, as each dog will be unique.

This will ensure that your Cane Corso Doberman Mix will receive a balance diet in the correct portions. Always carefully research high quality dog food or how to provide a raw food diet for your dog.

It is also important to balance feeding against exercise to maintain a healthy weight.

This dog’s healthiest shape is lean to ease both pressure on the heart and the joints and owners are advised to tailor any diet accordingly towards this goal.

Should I get a male or female Doberman Cane Corso Mix?

Each dog is unique, so the following only offers a general guide rather than a rule but male and female dogs can have different dispositions.

In general the female Cane Corso tends to be less likely to try and dominate other dogs and a little more focused in training, particularly at an early age. This will be further intensified by the Doberman influence as the females of this breed are known to mature more quickly.

In addition the male Cane Corso Doberman Mix is also likely to be more boisterous and potentially clumsy in play. They will also be more ‘goofy’, while the females are more careful and sensitive to small children or smaller dogs in the park. The females will also tend to be generally more gregarious with other dogs.

The male dogs among both Dobermans and the Cane Corso can engage in dominant behaviors with other dogs and preventing this will be a focus of socialization.

But both genders of the Cane Corso Doberman Mix will offer fun family dogs who are also very capable protectors of both the home and their beloved humans.

What colors are common for a Cane Corso Doberman Mix (Doberman Corso)?

In general the Doberman Corso could potentially be any solid or partial color unless they favor the Doberman parent strongly and inherit the distinctive black and tan of this breed.

Eyes may be blue or yellow if they favor their Cane Corso parent.

But the following colors are likely to be common:

  • red
  • gray
  • fawn
  • black
  • brindle

Does a Cane Corso Doberman Mix get along with other dogs (Doberman Corso)?

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix is very likely have a generally balanced temperament and be able to cohabit with other dogs. Both parent breeds, the Doberman and the Cane Corso are able to get on with canine companions in the same home, particularly if this mixed breed is introduced as a puppy.

But ensure you follow clear steps in introducing established dogs to a puppy or another dog.

But as already noted the tendency of some male dogs from both parent breeds can exhibit dominant behaviors out in the park. This needs to be addressed through early socialization, ensuring that the puppy is introduced to a range of dogs, both large and small, at a young age to encourage confidence and good play habits.

Does a Doberman Cane Corso Mix (Doberman Corso) get on with cats?

The Cane Corso and the Doberman both have a high prey drive. This means the Doberman Cane Corso Mix will naturally have a tendency to chase small animals. This would suggest that this mixed breed is not the ideal canine companion for any feline residents in the house.

But it is still possible to stop the fur from flying if your Doberman Cane Corso Mix is introduced in a structured and sensitive way.

Step 1

Start with putting down items that belong to the Doberman Cane Corso Mix puppy before the arrival to accustom the cats to the scent.

Step 2

The confine the puppy to a a restricted area such as a room with a baby-gate. This should certainly include at feeding times. This could be a room with a baby-gate.

Step 3

The area of confinement should then be changed around the house as well as a safely enclosed outside area.

Step 4

When ready allow the puppy out on an appropriate leash or harness and proactively praise positive interactions and correct any chasing.

Step 5

Ensure the cats always have escape areas including high places to promote their sense of confidence and safety.

Does the Cane Corso Doberman Mix make a good guard dog for the home?

The Cane Corso Doberman Mix will make an absolutely superlative guardian of the home and family.

This athletic mixed breed really does have it all in terms of being alert, powerful and highly biddable. This blend of qualities means that they will engage any intrusion or threat but at the same time can be managed as they do so.

This dog will have the necessary suspicion of strangers, and will bark an alarm if they sense anything that is irregular.

But it is important that early socialization includes exposing your puppy or dog to welcome guests gradually to ensure your faithful hound is not fearful or reactive to visitors.

The Cane Corso and the Doberman are both prized the world over as highly effective guard dogs for very good reason. The Cane Corso Doberman Mix can therefore be expected to be exceptional in this role.

Where can I found out more?

If you are considering a hybrid breed such as the Cane Corso Doberman Mix always research both founding breeds to ensure that you are fully prepared for the arrival of your Doberman Corso.

This research will also allow you to nuance your training and lifestyle provision for your exciting new canine family member accordingly.

Please feel free to browse our breed guide for more information on the Cane Corso, Doberman and many other breeds. Also a good breeder should be willing to offer you advice and guidance when you take your puppy home.

As noted above if you have any queries or doubts regarding the health or feeding of your Cane Corso Doberman Mix puppy consult a professional vet or animal dietician at the earliest opportunity.

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