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"Buy a pup, and your money will buy love unflinching" (Rudyard Kipling)

Finding the perfect pooch for your lifestyle

Every dog is both wonderful and unique.  Just because you have a dog from a particular breed that does not mean that you have some kind of clone; your new pet will be an individual developing through interaction with the specific environment.

But this does not negate the importance of breed research.  From this you will get an understanding of the kind of raw genetic material that you will be working with and understanding the commitment you are making in terms of time and space within your home.  Some breeds of dogs need more time committed to training and socialization, or even a particular focus such as recall or support with separation anxiety.  Others will require more or less exercise, or tend to be more resilient if they are left alone for any period of time.  This research will ensure that you make the wonderful journey of owning a dog as smooth as possible.  Owning a dog should always be a serious commitment for many years and being forearmed is forewarned. 

Also researching the breed of your dog can be fascinating.  Every dog is a living and breathing representative of one aspect of man’s fascinating relationship with these amazing companions and 

The breed guide is organized around the American Kennel Club’s groupings of breeds although there is also reference to the English Kennel Club’s categorizations.  A group will give you a general idea of broad characteristics of these dogs (apart from the Non-Sporting Group which acts as a kind of catch-all).  Each group has an overview with a selection of sample breeds providing a basis for more focused research.
From there you can explore specific breeds in more detail. 

Clicking on the pictures or the text will take you to a specific breed page.  Good luck finding your perfect pooch or enjoy browsing and finding out about the many wonderful and varied forms of this truly wonderful animal.

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