Dog Breed Guide

"Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really." (Agnes Turnbull)

Choosing the right dog for your lifestyle

Dogs are the most varied species on the planet and each breed is in fact living history of one facet of our relationship of living and working with these animals that have walked with us faithfully for many thousands of years.  It is fascinating in its own right but even more importantly helps us to understand our dogs and their behavior. 

The diversity of roles and functions towards which dogs have been historically developed means there is a fantastic choice of around 400 breeds and time should be taken to research a breed that will fit in with your lifestyle.  It is a terrible modern tragedy that so many people fail to do this and the result is often a surrendered, very confused and distressed dog.

For the Classic Dog Breeds the following guide offers an overview of the American Kennel Club’s  ‘groups’ of dogs.  This, in the first instance, offers a broad brush stroke of characteristics and temperament related to the group of breed as a whole.  This is a useful starting point.  For example, if you want an active, intelligent dog able to walk for miles you might immediately go to the Herding Group. 

 The guide then details breeds within each group to help further refine your choice.  Each breed also has a quick overview detailing physical attributes and lifestyle indicators for quick and easy reference.