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"My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet." (Edith Wharton)

Health and Safety tips in caring for your dog

No website is ever a substitute for direct medical advice from a veterinary practitioner.  But it is worth all dog owners researching and being aware of when our dogs might be ill or in need of a visit to a vet.  The better informed you are as an owner is in terms of health the more sensitive you can be to potential health issues in their dogs.

In general always look out for any obvious indications that a dog is in pain or discomfort look out for any uncharacteristic changes in temperament or behavior. This may include feeding or any significant alteration in toilet habits.

Alongside this please find information relating to safety tips.  We certainly all make mistakes particularly when we are busy or have a lot on our mind. But being forewarned is forearmed and the safety advice offered encourages thinking ahead to safeguard our precious pooches.

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Dog Safety At Barbecues

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