Dog Names

"A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you have that in your life, things won't be too bad." (Robert Wagner)

Choosing a name for your dog

Finding the ‘right’ name  is a hugely fun part of getting a new puppy.  Somehow dogs just seem to grow into them and names have a way of blending with your dog’s character whether you call your dog ‘Cerberus’, the guardian of the Greek underworld,  or follow the example of Hagrid from Harry Potter and ironically use a name like  ‘Fluffy’.  But it is generally advisable to avoid names that might have negative connotations.

Whatever you call your dog, they will love the name you give them.  This is because a good dog owner will teach a puppy to recognize it through positive associations like treats and tummy rubs (even if they are called ‘Cerberus’).

In my understanding of Classical stories and myths I have learned that for the Ancient Greeks and Romans names were thought to reflect a person’s character, abilities or even their fate.   Naming a dog now might not be quite so dramatic but where I have suggested names from mythology I have included a brief description of the deity or hero and the kind of temperament it suggests just for a bit of fun.  There also many, many more modern day interests, hobbies and heroes where excellent and fitting names can be found.