"Dogs are our link to paradise"
(Milan Kundera)

Training and Lifestyle

Let’s face it: any relationship takes effort and understanding to make things work.  Dogs are fully ready to play their part; it is in their nature to want to get on with their human ‘pack’   In fact the main reason for dogs flourishing as a species is their incredible ability to adapt in order to co-exist with humans.   It is up to us to provide consistent and positive training to remove any potential stresses and difficulties for our dog in their attempts to navigate the complexities of life with humans.   Dog trainers and behaviorists will all say that dog training is really human training.

This area of the site is dedicated to offering free, expert training tips and recommendations to help us humans to help our dogs.  As dedicated and conscientious dog owners we all want our pawsome pals to be as free of any anxiety and stress  as possible.

Dogs enhance our lives and studies have even suggested that people with dogs live longer.  Once we have been careful to chose a breed that fits our lifestyle we find ourselves with a dedicated companion with whom we can enjoy doing so many wonderful activities.   In celebration of this we will also offer features and articles on fun things to do with your dog.

Training and Lifestyle Posts

Socialization for your puppy

10 Tips for Socializing A Puppy

Contents: What is Socialization?Why is Socialization Important For a Puppy? What Approach should you Take to Socialize your puppy? When Should Socializing a Puppy Take

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