Fluffy Frenchie (aka Fluffy French Bulldog) – Complete Guide with 23 Questions Answered

The fabulous fluffy Frenchie

This wonderful little dog will have people scratching their heads. Not many people in the world are lucky enough to own a fluffy Frenchie

It may look like a cross between a French Bulldog and a Pomeranian, but this is not the case.

In fact this pure bred little fluff ball is the product of genes hidden away but rooted in the French Bulldog's origins in the nineteenth century..

Read on to find out more.

Fluffy Frenchie

Physical Attributes

fluffy Frenchie- Height
Height: Small
Male & Female: 11 to 13 inches (27-33cm)

Fluffy Frenchie - Weight
Male & Female: not exceed 28lb (12.7kg)

fluffy Frenchie - Colors
Colors: Grey, Black or Blue mixed with white.
fluffy Frenchie - breed group
Breed Group:

Non Sporting Group

Lifestyle Guidance:




fluffy Frenchie- first dog


Boxer Great Dane Mix- small pets
Good with Small Pets


fluffy Frenchie - apartment
Apartment Living


Reasons to get a Fluffy Frenchie

  • A lovely fun-loving temperament (Click here for details)
  • Suitable for Apartments (Click here for details)
  • Moderate exercise requirements means that they are good for those who do not have an active lifestyle (Click here for details)
  • Wonderful companion dog to those who are frail or elderly (Click here for details)
  • Relatively small feeding costs (Click here for details)
  • Eagerness to please means they can be trained to a good standard (Click here for details)
  • Gets along with other dogs (Click here for details)
  • Gets along with cats (Click here for details)

Reasons not to get a Fluffy Frenchie

  • Difficult to find due to being rare
  • Likely to be more expensive than short-haired French Bulldog
  • Not suitable for those with an active lifestyle
  • Needs human companionship most of the time
  • Brachycephalic so may have related health issues

What is a Fluffy Frenchie?

Are Fluffy Frenchies mixed breed dogs you ask? Which dog has been mixed with this endearingly cute short-haired French Bulldog to make it adorably fluffy?

Surprising this long-haired French Bulldog is not a hybrid. Rather the fluffy Frenchie represents the emergence of a hidden gene latent within some French Bulldogs.

To understand this it is important to remember nature is always too complex to be fully controlled by the the design of us humans. The huge number of dog breeds that have emerged in the last couple of hundred years is a staggering and fascinating accomplishment.

This has provided a huge range of rich and diverse dogs that can offer incredibly versatile and specialized working animals but also pet dogs that are tailored for peoples particular circumstances.

The French Bulldog, for example, is ideal for apartment-living and for those who are unable to walk very far as they don’t require much exercise.

But it is not an exact science. Remember that each breed, before being established as an accepted breed, was a mixture of other breeds. The French Bulldog, was thought to be a product of intermingling a toy version of the English Bulldog with Pugs and various French Terriers.

Some of these Terriers would have had longer hair, and this genetic inheritance rooted from all those years ago, with the right combination of parents, can shaggily burst forth to produce very fluffy Frenchie puppies.

Unfortunately the kennel clubs of the world can be very particular when a dog does not completely meet specific criteria, and a long-haired fluffy French Bulldog is not considered strictly a pedigree.

But this has done nothing to put off desperate to get hold of one of these rare and wonderful variations on the French Bulldog theme.

The Fluffy Frenchie puppy cost can be hair-raising due to their scarcity along with the natural popularity of the Frenchie. The short-haired purebred French Bulldog is now officially the second most popular dog breed in the United States, having been ranked as 82nd in 1991 [1]

In the United Kingdom it is within a cute dog’s whisker of overtaking overtaking the Labrador Retriever.  This is even more incredible as the Lab’s reign as most popular breed has been unbroken for 30 years [2].

Fluffy Frenchie - Terrier Origins
The hidden long-hair gene in the French Bulldog DNA comes from early long-haired Terrier influence such as the one pictured above

What hidden gene produces the Fluffy Frenchie?

Dog geneticists have discovered that the gene responsible for the long hair on the Fluffy Frenchie is called Fibroblast growth factor 5 (FGF) [1]. This long hair gene, most likely from the Terrier branch of its descent, is still very much present in the French Bulldog.

This means in practice that in the rare case of a two long-haired Fluffy French Bulldogs breeding, the result will always be cute little bundles of long fur that are 100% Fluffy Frenchies.

But this hidden gene in short haired French Bulldogs will produce 50% long-haired long-haired Fluffy French Bulldog puppies. If combined with a Frenchie with only the short-hair gene this reduces to around around 1 in 4 puppies having the long-hair.

For a clear diagrammatic outline of this, please click here.

Fluffy Frenchie
Wolfie – A pure bred fluffy Frenchie, not a hybrid (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXGmt2uDli4)

What is the temperament and personality of the Fluffy French Bulldog?

The Fluffy Frenchie will have the notorious cheeky sense of fun of the French Bulldog.  This is no surprise as the nickname for the French Bulldog is ‘clown dog’.  It is an intelligent little dog that loves to push boundaries. 

Fluffy French Bulldogs are rarely aggressive although they can be a little feisty and some are prone to yap at unfamiliar dogs. This can be mitigated with consistent socialization training.

Long haired Frenchies absolutely dote on their human owners. They like nothing better than to cuddle up to their owners and then start emitting gentle snores. Fluffy Frenchies will certainly suit those who prefer a sedentary lifestyle or are unable to undertake vigorous exercise.

But without their human companions this ball of fluff will be in a huff as they are intensely prone to separation anxiety.  Training to prevent or moderate this is essential.  They have playful natures and need distraction when alone.  Treat dispensers or interactive toys can provide useful stimulation. 

What exercise is required for the Fluffy Frenchie?

Long haired French Bulldogs do not demand a huge amount of exercise.  But they should be as active as possible to maintain health.  They love interactive play and will enjoy games and challenges either in the home or outside.

 A couple of half-hour walks a day will guarantee a happy and healthy Fluffy Frenchie.  These dogs play not very hard, but still rest hard afterwards.  These dogs know how to achieve a work-life balance.

Fluffy Frenchie - A wonderful family dog
The Fluffy Frenchie makes a friendly, rare and beautiful addition to any family. Find this handsome example at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBiE4pMc8hg

Is the Fluffy French Bulldog a good family dog?

The popularity of the French Bulldog really does say it all and the fluffy Frenchie will be no less relaxed, even tempered and generally chilled at home.

But remember that these dogs are not known as ‘clown dogs’ for nothing. A fluffy Frenchie will inherit all of the cheeky sense of humor and penchant for fun of the breed. This one-dog circus act will always enjoy a game and bringing smiles all around with its playful antics.

Also with the correct socialization this dog will most likely get on with any smaller pets in the household.

Your Fluffy Frenchie is very unlikely to be aggressive although they have inherited some of the feistiness from their Terrier background and some might direct some plaintive yapping at unfamiliar dogs. This can be managed with consistent socialization training.

The Fluffy French Bulldog will absolutely dote on their human owners and this is a very tactile little dog. They like nothing better than to cuddle up to their owners and then start emitting gentle snores. These dogs will certainly suit those who prefer a sedentary lifestyle or are unable to undertake vigorous exercise.

But the French Bulldog breed does have a playful nature and needs a good level of interaction and mental stimulus.  For this reason Fluffy Frenchies do well in multi-dog households. Treat dispensers or interactive toys can provide useful stimulation. 

Who is the ideal owner of a Fluffy French Bulldog?

The ideal owner of a fluffy Frenchie will first and foremost be somebody who can offer this dog company most of time. This might be an owner who works from home or perhaps has retired.

If you are a very active or sporty person and want a jogging companion, then this may not be the right dog for you.

If you want a small dog, but would like them to be more sporty outdoors then you could consider perhaps that dynamic little miniature Spitz, the Pomeranian, or a member of the Terrier group.

But if you want to to take things easy, then this wonderful little dog will be very happy by your side living life at a slower pace.

But the fluffy Frenchie naturally has huge potential to make the ideal family dog. But to bring the absolute best out of a fluffy Frenchie it is important to invest the time in socializing this amiable little dog.

Ensure your long haired French Bulldog is exposed to a variety of ordinary sounds, other dogs outside the home, and visitors and unfamiliar people. This means this adorable little dog will be fully confident and happy in any scenario that is encountered.

This little hairball will also need gently firm and consistent training to ensure high standards of canine citizenship at all times. The ideal owner will use positive reinforcement to make sure this sensitive little dog is encouraged and supported to reach good standards of behavior both within and outside of the home.

This owner may also need a little more patience as although your fluffy French Bulldog can be trained to a good standard, they have inherited a little of the famous Bulldog stubbornness.

The fluffy Frenchie is also an excellent choice for a first-time owner due to the moderate exercise requirements, the manageable size and the generally calm temperament.

What are the grooming requirements of the Fluffy Frenchie?

This long haired French Bulldog will require more grooming than their short-haired brethren. This dog will ideally require brushing every other day to remove any dead hair and prevent tangling.

Although for this long coated French Bulldog, this should be increased to daily in periods of hot weather to optimize air circulation in the coat to help your fluffy Frenchie keep as cool as possible.

Ensure also that you keep the folds on their faces and areas around the eyes regularly cleaned [1].  This will help prevent any bacteria forming.  Thus the likelihood of skin conditions or irritation will therefore be minimized.  

Fluffy Frenchie - A short haired French Bulldog has the hidden long-haired gene
Every standard short-haired French Bulldog potentially has the hidden long-haired gene and could sire or mother a Fluffy Frenchie

How much space is required for Fluffy French Bulldogs?

Another huge advantage and reason for the burgeoning popularity of the French Bulldog in general is its suitability for urban living. This dog can happily live in a small apartment as long as they are with their owners, they are happy.

But these dogs will still need some interactive play and mental stimulation within the home, so a clear area for fun Frenchie games should still be provided.

What is the lifespan of the Fluffy Frenchie?

Most small breeds of dogs tend to have a healthy lifespan. This is also the case with Fluffy Frenchies as the lifespan of these long haired French Bulldogs lies somewhere between 10-11 years.

What are the potential health problems for the fluffy Frenchies?

Brachycephalic Syndrome

This breed, like the Bulldog and French Bulldogs, is brachycephalic.  Be aware that their short snouts can lead to some health complications including respiratory distress.  This condition called brachycephalic syndrome can have a big knock-on effect and cause other ailments. 

Owners must be vigilant in checking that their fluffy Frenchie is always breathing comfortably.  Any exertion or exercise must be moderated to ensure this dog does not struggle for breath.

As already means that the long haired French Bulldog does not do well in hot weather.  The short snouts reduce the amount of cooling available through natural panting. 

Plan all around cooler times of the day with as much shade as possible.  A range of methods should be considered to keep your dog cool. Nor can Fluffy French Bulldogs swim without the help of a doggy life jacket due to their short muzzles.

Other potential health problems


Hip Dysplasia

Intervertebral disk disease

Cherry Eye

Patellar Luxation

What kind of training is required for a Fluffy French Bulldog?

The fluffy French Bulldog is reported to be slightly stubborn and wilful but they are generally able to trained to a good level. This training must be based around positive reinforcement methods including high levels of praise and, as foodie dogs, the provision of healthy treats.

Although they can have bouts of ‘independence’, the fluffy Frenchie will be very eager to please their owners and this will help them in learning a range of commands.

The Fluffy French Bulldog puppy will benefit from potty or litter tray training from an early age. Also socialization will be hugely important. Some Fluffy French Bulldogs can be yappy and distrustful both towards unknown humans and unfamiliar canines. This means you should take your new furry friend to puppy socialization classes at the very earliest opportunity.

It is generally advisable with this lovable but slightly obdurate little dog who will love to push boundaries, to establish yourself as a strong canine leader in the home.

At first don’t let your fluffy Frenchie jump on beds or sofas at will. If they do so, gently remove them and ensure they only do so when invited. This will establish boundaries and ultimately ensure that your fluffy Frenchie will be more confident knowing what is expected of them at home.

How much will a Fluffy Frenchie Cost?

The average cost of the Fluffy Frenchie is around $3000, but the staggering cost of a Fluffy Frenchie is around $12000[1].

How big will a Fluffy French Bulldog get?

This small long-haired French Bulldog generally stands at around 11 to 13 inches (27-33cm).

How much is a Fluffy Frenchie likely to weigh?

The weight of the Fluffy Frenchie will rarely exceed around 28lb (12.7kg).

Where should I get a Fluffy French Bulldog from?

If you are looking for a Fluffy French Bulldog puppy then always contact a reputable breeder. French Bulldog breeders should be able to offer the following:

  • You should always have the opportunity to see the puppies interacting with the mother.
  • If there is little interaction with the ‘mother’ be cautious as occasionally unscrupulous breeders can bring in another female dog for appearances.
  • A breeder should also have details of the father available on request.
  • In addition you should have access to the medical records of both parents and any kennel club certificates.

As the fluffy Frenchie is a rare permutation of the French Bulldog breed there will also be some unscrupulous breeders who may try to pass off a French Bulldog mixed breed as a fluffy Frenchie.

For example a Pomeranian French Bulldog mix could have a close resemblance. You will still be blessed with a lovely dog, but may well feel conned. By taking the above steps this will be avoided.

If you already have a dog your Fluffy French Bulldog will love having a canine companion. But for tips on how to manage this then please feel free to browse these tips on how to introduce a puppy to an older dog.

What are the feeding requirements of a fluffy French Bulldog?

It is always a good idea to consult with a vet or animal dietician regarding the feeding requirements of Fluffy Frenchies in the early days of ownership, as each dog will be unique. This will ensure that your fluffy Frenchie will receive a balanced diet in the correct portions.

It is also important to balance feeding against exercise to maintain a healthy weight, particularly as the fluffy Frenchie is most certainly food-oriented. Remember to resist the incredible cuteness as Fluffy French Bulldogs can be prone to obesity.

Should I get a male or Female Fluffy Frenchie?

Each dog is unique, so the following only offers a general guide rather than a rule but male and female dogs can have different dispositions.

In general the female fluffy Frenchies may be a little bit more stand offish and distrustful of other dogs, but have slightly better focus in training and are less stubborn.

While the Fluffy French Bulldog males can be a little bit more boisterous in play and slightly more prone to mischievous antics.

What colors are common for the fluffy French Bulldog?

Fluffy Frenchies can be a variety of colors but the most common are:

  • grey
  • black
  • fawn
  • cream
  • blue

All of these colors may be mixed with white.

Does the fluffy Frenchie get on with other dogs?

Although they can be a little distrustful of unfamiliar dogs, this breed is ideally suited for a multi-dog household. They will make a gregarious and playful friend for another canine and they will often cuddle up to another dog in the pack.

These long haired French Bulldogs offer a very fluffy hot water bottle to their canine companions, although their doggy pal may have to put up with some snoring.

A fluffy Frenchie who has to be left for any period of time will also welcome the company of another pooch as they feel acute separation anxiety.

If you are introducing a puppy to an established dog please click here to find out how to do this in a sensitive and structured way.

Does the Fluffy French Bulldog get on with cats?

If sensitively introduced to cats as a puppy then it is often the case that Fluffy Frenchies can successfully live with these smaller pets. This little dog does not have a high prey drive and a gentle temperament.

This means they will usually be very happy to make a feline friend, although there is no guarantee that this will be reciprocated.

It is highly advisable to take the following steps when introducing a Fluffy French Bulldog puppy or adult dog to a cat.

Step 1

This introduction should start with putting down items that belong to the fluffy Frenchie puppy before the arrival to accustom the cats to the scent.

Step 2

The next step is to confine the puppy to an area. This should certainly include at feeding times. This could be a room with a baby-gate. The area of confinement should be changed to other places around the house as well as a safely enclosed outside area.

Step 3

When ready allow the puppy out on an appropriate leash or harness and proactively praise positive interactions and correct any chasing.

Step 4

Ensure the cats always have escape areas including high places to promote their sense of confidence and safety.

Does the Fluffy Frenchie make a good guard dog for the home?

As you can imagine these long haired Frenchies are not the natural choice for a guard dog. But this dog does have a natural disposition to be distrustful and will bark an alarm if a stranger approaches the home.

Where can I found out more?

We all know that getting a dog is a huge responsibility but the popularity of the French Bulldog and by implication the fluffy Frenchie has raised particular concerns that people do careful research considering the needs of the breed and the health implications of taking on a dog that is brachycephalic.

Undertaking this research will mean you are fully prepared for the arrival of your dog and nuance your training and lifestyle provision for your exciting new canine family member accordingly.

For more information please feel free to read about French Bulldogs in our breed guide.


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