Great Dane English Mastiff Mix (Daniff) – A Complete Guide with 24 Questions Answered

Great Dane Mastiff Mix

Physical Attributes

Great Dane English Mastiff Mix - Height
Height: Very Large
Male: at least 32 inches (81 cm)
Female: 28-30 inches (71-76cm)

Great Dane English Mastiff Mix - Weight
Male: 150-180 lb (68-81 kg)
Female: 130-160lb (59kg-73kg)

Great Dane English Mastiff Mix - Colors
Colors: Red, Fawn, Brindle, Blue, Black
Both parent breeds can have a black mask to the face so this is likely to be inherited
Great Dane English Mastiff Mix - Group
Parent Breed Groups:

Great Dane:
Working Group

English Mastiff:
Working Group

Lifestyle Guidance:




Great Dane English Mastiff Mix- first dog

Below Average

Great Dane English Mastiff Mix - small pets
Small Pets


Great Dane English Mastiff Mix- apartment

Not Suitable

What are the reasons to get a Great Dane English Mastiff Mix?

  • This is a wonderful family dog and is tolerant of children (click here for more details)
  • A ferociously loyal personality (click here for more details)
  • Great guard dogs as both protective and obedient (click here for more details)
  • Exercise needs are only moderate to average suiting a less active family (click here for more details)
  • They will make excellent companion dogs (click here for more details)
  • This dog will be balance friendliness with a natural guarding instinct (click here for more details)
  • Very moderate grooming needs (click here for more details)
  • Very calm and seldom bites unless in extreme circumstances (click here for more details)

What are the reasons not to get Great Dane English Mastiff Mix?

  • A prospective dog owner doesn’t have time to invest in continuous training and socialization
  • A challenge for first time owners
  • There is no-one home for lengthy periods of the day
  • Food bills will be high
  • The dog owner is not physically strong or frail
  • A prospective owner lives in an apartment or has little outdoor space
  • This dog does not have a long lifespan
  • The house- proud should be aware that this dog slobbers

What is a Great Dane English Mastiff Mix?


What happens when the tallest dog in the world meets the heaviest?

Well, the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix is a mountainous mutt with a big heart. Although both parent breeds are absolutely huge physically, the Great Dane and the English Mastiff have been bred over many generations to be calm and tolerant.

So the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix will have a kind, graceful temperament with a little dash of playfulness gained from the influence of the irrepressible Great Dane.

But with any mixed breed it is always important to research the parent breeds, both their physical attributes and the temperament. This is because there is no exact science to predict which characteristics will predominate in any particular dog.

For more information regarding the parent breeds of the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix and a whole range of other wonderful types of dogs please feel free to visit our breed guide.

Great Dane English Mastiff Mix - The Great Dane Parent Breed
The Great Dane introduces physical size but an even bigger personality into the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix

What are the history and origins of the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix?

In order to truly understand the qualities and character of a classic or hybrid breed it is essential to have an idea of their original purpose and development.

So here follows an account of the fascinating history surrounding both the Great Dane and the English Mastiff.

The Great Dane – Origins and History

It is perhaps a reflection of the magisterial nature of this dog that national claims to ownership have been something of a big bone of contention in the history of this huge hound. Most sources agree that this breed was, in fact, originally from Germany, although some accounts claim Scandinavian origins even before this.

There is even some evidence that this type of large dog was extant in Ancient Greece, and there are some depictions of dogs in Ancient Egyptian tombs from 3000BC which bear a resemblance to the magnificent breed that we have today.

From the 13th and 14th centuries there are clearer pictorial and written records of the forebears of this giant breed. In Germany they were known as ‘The English Dogge’ owing to it being founded largely on the English Mastiff, which is in itself descended from the large and ferocious ‘Molussus’ dog.

It is thought that extra size and speed of these dogs was contributed to by interbreeding with the Irish Wolfhound, and possibly other Sight-Hounds such as the Greyhound. This added more of a lean, athletic frame while retaining the strength and power that we still associate with the Great Dane.

Although the role of these huge hounds was not to ‘sight’ the prey, but rather they were ‘catcher-dogs’ which ran alongside the horses. Once the prey had been discovered these dogs were sent in to bring down large powerful prey such as boars, deer and even bears.

In 1876 Germany declared the Great Dane as its national dog and pronounced that it should henceforward be known as the ‘German dogg’, but in Holland they continued to call this breed ‘The Dutch Dog’. Finally due to some anathema towards Germany most English-speaking nations settled on Great Dane.

Originally the companion of nobles and kings even to this day this impressive hound retains a sense of being an aristocrat amongst canines popular not only for its formidable strength and speed but also for its regal appearance. Indeed this has further been elevated to divine heights and this dog is often referred as the ‘Apollo of dogs’ reflection its beauty and athleticism.

Although kennel clubs insist that there is complete equivalence between American and European breed standards for dogs bred to high standards, some breeders claim a noticeable difference in appearance. Whereas European Great Danes have more loose skin and fuller lips, with a square head, the American version of the breed is tighter around the face with a slightly lighter build.

Although the Irish Wolfhound is accepted generally as the tallest breed, the tallest dog ever recorded was a Great Dane called Zeus from Michigan in the United States who measured a staggering 44 inches (around 119 cm) from foot to withers.

One of the most famous of all Great Danes is not so well known for being fearless in pursuit of his quarry. This is, of course, Scooby Doo. Although perhaps his love of food is certainly in keeping with the voracious appetite of this wonderful large breed.

The Great Dane is currently ranked as the 15th most popular breed according to the AKC 2020 registration data [2].

Great Dane English Mastiff Mix - The English Mastiff Parent Breed
The English Mastiff adds majestic grace and gentle stoicism to the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix

The English Mastiff- Origins and History

The massive English Mastiff is the heaviest dog on the planet. This might have been a blessing in the cruel circumstances of battling bears in the Roman amphitheatre.   But it has now become a bit of a curse for this ancient breed as its huge size has contributed to a steep decline in its popularity in the land of its origin, England and the United Kingdom in general.  This is perhaps because the average home is smaller than in the United States.  

But this incredible breed plays an important role in the history of dog breeds and they are still hugely influential.  The Mastiff is in some measure a founding dog for many other breeds.  These include Great Danes and St. Bernards.  They also probably influenced a range of others including Rottweilers.

This is a very old breed indigenous to Britain that dates back over a couple of thousand years. They descend from the old Molossus dogs which can be seen depicted in Roman artwork [1]. The Romans even had a procurator of dogs in Britain.  This official ensured dogs were obtained and distributed around the  amphitheaters. 

The English Mastiff continued to be employed in cruel sports through the medieval period.  Like the aptly named Bulldog this breed was used in bull-baiting.

With the thankful demise of these blood sports the English Mastiff seemed to suffer a steady decline.  After the Second World War it almost became extinct as a breed.   This was largely due to its huge size and food requirements. 

Indeed, the numbers became so low that the St. Bernard was necessary to breed them back from the brink of extinction. But  they have not significantly suffered from this partly because the St. Bernard was partly founded on the English Mastiff breed.   But some Mastiffs do now bear a resemblance to their saintly cousins. 

Since then the English Mastiff has enjoyed a steady rise in popularity in the United States. It is now ranked as the 33rd most popular breed according to AKC 2020 registration data [2]. But it ironically remains on the endangered list of breeds in the United Kingdom [3].

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What’s the difference between a Great Dane and an English Mastiff?

The Great Dane and the English Mastiff have some common genetic heritage and therefore unsurprisingly also have much in common in terms of their temperament.

Both these parent breeds are very friendly dogs who are totally people-oriented and will follow their owners around the home offering love and bejewelled tendrils of slobber in equal measure. Both the Great Dane and the English Mastiff also have the reputation for being friendly not only to the humans in the household, but also any other dogs and pets.

But the Great Dane tends to be far more boisterous and playful than the more phlegmatic and calm English Mastiff. The Great Dane is also a more active dog with higher exercise requirements, enjoying a good run around the yard in a distant echo of their former heritage as hunting dogs.

Although both these huge parent breeds are naturally well-disposed to people, the English Mastiff has a higher guarding or protective instinct and will be more sensitive to any threat that posed to their owners.

What is an interesting fact about the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix?

It is widely accepted that the Great Dane gained much of its hefty bulk from the interbreeding of the English Mastiff with large sighthounds, such as the Irish Wolfhound. This created the perfect blend of speed and strength necessary for a dog bred to intercept and grab large and dangerous prey such as boars and bears.

It is interesting that both parent breeds, the English Mastiff and the Great Dane, are also very reluctant biters. This originates in the fact that these dogs were bred not to tear at victims, but rather to grip.

Further refinements of these parent breeds to ensure good, calm temperaments has developed this to the extent that they are now very reluctant to bite at all. This means that when protecting or guarding their beloved humans their preferred method is to stand protectively in front using their huge bulk to push away any threat.

Given the huge power of their jaws it is a mercy that these breeds will only bite in very extreme circumstances, when other options are completely exhausted.

This has ensured that these parent breeds have emerged from the mists of time, not as huge, fearsome hounds but rather as oversized lapdogs, who are still capable of keeping their family safe.

Because of this you can also expect the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix to be an excellent guardian breed as well as a gentle companion for the whole family.

What will an English Mastiff Great Dane Mix look like?

As noted the purebred Great Dane gained might and majesty from the early influence of the English Mastiff. This it even more likely that the bringing together of these genetic lines directly in the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix will provide a very impressive and powerful dog.

The Great Dane is known to have square proportions, and this will not be greatly disrupted by intermingling with the English Mastiff, although there may be a slightly longer body. The very square muzzle of the Great Dane may also be broadened in keeping with the wider muzzle of the English Mastiff.

More noticeable will be the add bulk that the English Mastiff will introduced to this mixed breed. This dog will not be significantly shorter than a purebred Great Dane, but is likely to be heavier with more pronounced musculature.

The back will be straight leading to a high-set tail never carried higher than the back. The feet will be rounded with straight, powerful front legs and tautly muscled hindquarters.

The gait of this dog will be powerful and elegant with long, easy strides lending this dog endurance as well as elegance when seen running at pace.

Great Dane English Mastiff Mix
Duke – a beautiful rescue Daniff featured at (Opt to adopt whenever you can!)

What is the temperament and personality of the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix?

By considering the similarity of the temperaments of the Great Dane and the English Mastiff it is certainly possible to predict some of the key traits that will characterize the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix.

Firstly, this dog will be a large furry shadow that will follow you absolutely everywhere. The Great Dane is famously a very clingy or velcro dog that will stick to their human family very closely around the house. But this is likely to be even more intensified by the influence of the English Mastiff.

Aside from their early function of hunting, this ancient type of dog has been bred to guard humans at close quarters for millennia. So the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix will certainly make the consummate companion dog and with this mixed breed you will never be lonely.

As you might suspect with such a loving and affectionate dog they can be a little sensitive. So all interaction must be based around postive reinforcement and gentle but firm canine leadership.

A prepared owner will also employ careful management of the home environment ensuring valuable and expensive items are placed out of the way of this huge hound. Among their many virtues this dog will unfortunately be prone to cause accidental damage due to their sheer bulk combined with a spirited joie de vivre.

The Great Dane is intelligent and also biddable but the English Mastiff has the reputation for being a little stubborn. But both breeds have an inherent desire to please their owners. So you can expect the Great Dane English Mastiff to be a generally compliant dog, although sometimes extra patience may be required in ensuring this dog is fully manageable both inside and outside the home.

The Great Dane English Mastiff Mix will prove an easy going soul able to get along generally with other dogs, and other smaller animals in the family home.

Nevertheless early socialization will ensure that this huge hound will enjoy play-time with its canine pals without incident. This also makes this wonderful mixed breed eminently suitable for a multi-dog household, although if introducing a puppy to an older dog be sure this is sensitively structured.

Very much like the Great Dane Bullmastiff Mix, this mixed breed will enjoy independently patrolling their territory, although their guarding position is more likely to be lying down outside, as this dog will enjoy a good rest, particularly in warm weather. But that does not mean that this dog will not rise to the occasion if they suspect something is wrong, or unfamiliar people approach the house.

In short the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix offers a laid-back and well-mannered companion who will live simply to dote upon the human family lucky enough to bring this gentle giant into their lives.

For the different stages in a puppy and adult dog’s development please click here.

Also click here for a video of an excellent example of a Daniff in training.

What are the exercise requirements for the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix?

The Great Dane English Mastiff Mix is going to have reasonable stamina and will enjoy a good walk and romp outside of around 1 hour a day.

This dog will also gain mental and physical stimulation through patrolling a safe, enclosed area at home such as a large yard. Through the Great Dane influence there will be a dash of playfulness in this dog and they will enjoy short bouts of chasing or tug games.

This dog is is statistically likely to be the physically largest and heaviest of all the Great Dane mixed breeds. This means that extra care must be taken to ensure that exercise should initially be compartmentalized into little and often rather than one walk in the very early years of the dog.

This is because over-exercise can potentially damage bones, ligament and joints in the Great Dane and potentially a large Great Dane English Mastiff mix. If you are concerned regarding this then it is advised that you discuss this with a vet.

Is the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix a good family dog?

For an experienced owner it will be difficult to find a more balanced and loving family dog than the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix.

These dogs will have big bodies, but even bigger hearts. The Great Dane English Mastiff Mix will be very tolerant and protective towards all members of the family and will dote on children. Although this huge adorable hound, like all dogs, must be closely supervised around children particularly as their sheer bulk may cause accidental injury.

This mixed breed dog will also want to be very close to all family members constantly and will even actually physically lean on family members or even cuddle up to them on the sofa given the half chance.

But any significant changes, such as a family member being away for a period of time or a house move, will hit this dog hard, as he or she will be very sensitive to change.

The Great Dane English English Mastiff may have a mind of their own on occasions, but a patient and consistent approach to caring for this dog will lead to the addition of an absolutely wonderful canine member of any family.

Great Dane English Mastiff Mix
The Great Dane English Mastiff Mix needs consistent and early socialization. Image Source: Deutsche Doggen@Pinterest

Who is the ideal owner of a Great Dane English Mastiff Mix?

The ideal owner of a Great Dane English Mastiff Mix will be an experienced dog owner. It is even better if a prospective owner has experience with large and powerful breeds.

The owner of this breed will also need to be fit and strong enough to manage this physically imposing dog.

This dog may occasionally be stubborn or independently-minded. So an owner will need to adopt and patient and consistent approach to train and manage this dog both within and outside the home. But with strong canine leadership this dog will absolutely flourish in almost any home environment with enough physical space in which they can lay out and roam around at their leisure.

Both parent breeds, through heritage and genetics, have been bred to work and live closely alongside humans. This means the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix will not do well in a household where human company is not almost constantly available. Otherwise this dog could suffer severely from separation anxiety.

What are the grooming requirements of the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix?

The coat care and grooming of this dog will be very minimal and will only include brushing around once or twice a wee.

But remember that this should be done daily in periods of hot weather to remove dead hair and keep the cool. The English Mastiff influence makes it likely that this dog will not do very well in the heat. Please click here for other tips on keeping your dog safe in hot weather.

Be aware that this dog may slobber profusely as this is a characteristic of both parent breeds. So care must be taken to keep the muzzle and mouth clean an dry.

How much space is required for a Great Dane English Mastiff Mix?

The Great Dane English Mastiff Mix will be a very large dog and will need plenty of space both inside and outside. This dog will need lots of space in which to stretch, play and stretch out in the house. This means that this dog is certainly not suited to apartment living.

Outside this mixed breed will enjoy roaming and patrolling in a reasonably sized yard due to the adventurous character of the Great Dane blended with the guarding instincts of the English Mastiff.

What is the lifespan of the Great Dane English Mastiff?

The lifespan of Great Danes is sadly only between 6 to 8 years. The lifespan of the English Mastiff is on average slightly longer at around 8 to 11 years.

The likely lifespan for a Great Dane English Mastiff Mix is likely to be around 7-10 years.

What are the potential health problems for the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix?

Hybrid breed dogs are potentially healthier than classic breeds of dogs, but it is still important to be aware of some of the health complications that can afflict the parent breeds of the Great Dane English Mastiff can be inherited.

Potential health problems for the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix include:

  • Coronary Heart Disease and other related heart conditions
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Osteosarcoma
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Allergies
  • Possible deafness as it affects some Great Danes.
  • Eye problems such as entropion and ectropion
  • hypothyroidism

What kind of training is required for a Great Dane English Mastiff Mix?

As both parent breeds, the Great Dane and the English Mastiff have independent natures from their hunting and guarding background, they will often naturally want to pull out in front on a walk.

This means that it will be important to prioritize leash training. It will also be likely that most of these mixed breeds will enjoy a good run off the lead. So early recall sessions will prove invaluable to confidently manage the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix outside the home.

Early socialization including exposure to unfamiliar people, dogs and a range of circumstances and environments should be consistently put in place. This will prevent any potentially aggressive behaviors towards other dogs

The English Mastiff influence may introduce what is sometimes interpreted as stubbornness in this dog. But this mixed breed will have an overriding eagerness to please. Also the Great Dane English Mastiff dog will be a food-driven dog, which will also benefit a training approach based around positive reinforcement.

This means that in basic areas of training the Great Dane English Mastiff is likely to reach a good standard ensuring that this huge hound will become a good canine citizen.

As noted above, training for separation anxiety should also be foregrounded to avoid destructive behaviors in the house.

Click here for an outline of the benefits of training. Click here for information on socializing a puppy and here for socializing an adult dog.

How big will a Great Dane English Mastiff Mix get?

The Great Dane male is, according to breed standards, at least 30 inches (82cm) tall from the feet to the withers. While the female stands at 28 inches (72cm) or more.

In terms of physical mass and weight the English Mastiff is largely accepted as the largest dog. The height of the male is set at a minimum of 30 inches (76cm) and the female around 28 inches (71cm) or more.

This means that the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix is going to be a colossus with a size on average of around:

  • Male – in excess of 32 inches (81 cm) from feet to withers.
  • Female – 28-30 inches (71-76cm) from feet to withers.

How much is a Great Dane English Mastiff Mix likely to weigh?

The Great Dane male typically weighs between 120 to 170 lb (54-74kgs) with the female at 110 to140 lbs (50-64 kgs).

The English Mastiff male weighs anything between 165-190 lbs (75-86kgs) with the female weighing in at around 150-170lbs (68-77kgs).

The English Mastiff Great Dane Mix is likely to weigh:

  • Male 150-180 lb (68-81 kg)
  • Female 130-160lb (59kg-73kg)

Where should I get a English Mastiff Great Dane Mix from?

If you are looking for an English Mastiff Great Dane Mix then always contact a reputable breeder and look out for the following:

  • You should always have the opportunity to see the puppies interacting with the mother.
  • If there is little interaction with the ‘mother’ be cautious as occasionally unscrupulous breeders can bring in another female dog for appearances.
  • A reputable breeder should also have details of the father available on request.
  • In addition you should have access to the medical records of both parents and any kennel club certificates.
  • A reputable breeder should be willing to offer you advice when you take your Great Dane English Mastiff puppy home.

If possible, adoption is a kind and rewarding option. But ensure that you thoughtfully discuss the details of a rescue dog with the charity or rehoming organization.

If you already have a dog , then please feel free to browse these tips on how to introduce a puppy to an older dog.

Great Dane English Mastiff Mix
The Great Dane English Mastiff Mix is very big with an even bigger heart. Image Source: ReanneHuber@Pinterest

What are the feeding requirements of a Great Dane English Mastiff Mix?

It is always a good idea to consult with a vet or animal dietician regarding feeding requirements in the early days of ownership. This will ensure that your Great Dane English Mastiff Mix will receive a balanced diet in the correct portions.

It is also important to balance feeding against exercise to maintain a healthy weight.

Many owners of Great Danes and English Mastiffs are recommended a raw food diet.

Should I get a male or female Great Dane English Mastiff Mix?

Each dog is unique, so the following only offers a general guide rather than a rule but male and female dogs can have different dispositions.

Thee female Great Dane English Mastiff Mix is likely to mature more quickly and be a little more independent.

The male dogs can occasionally be more aggressive towards other male dogs, particularly if both are intact.

What colors are common for a Great Dane English Mastiff Mix?

In general the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix can be any solid or partial color.

Common colors include:

  • Red
  • Fawn
  • Apricot
  • Brindle
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Both parent breeds can have a dark muzzle so this is likely to be inherited

Does the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix get along with other dogs?

The Great Dane is a very friendly breed who is rarely aggressive and usually able to get on with other dogs. This is also generally true of the English Mastiff, although two intact males can become aggressive towards each other if not managed carefully..

But if you follow clear steps in introducing established dogs to a puppy or another dog then this mixed breed should be very happy to live with canine companions in a multi-dog household.

But in order to ensure harmonious relationships between the dogs an owner will need to be strong canine leader in order to ensure this dog is fully house-trained and well-socialized.

Does the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix get on with cats and small pets?

The Great Dane is generally known as the big friendly giant of the dog world. This cheerful disposition also extends to cats. The English Mastiff has a very gentle temperament when with their family, including felines. They will even be protective of any cats at home

This means the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix will usually be very good with cats.

Training a Great Dane English Mastiff Mix puppy to get along with a cat

To maximize the chances of a positive relationship between your Daniff and a cat ensure that they are introduced in a structured and sensitive way.

Step 1

This should start with putting down items that belong to the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix puppy before the arrival to accustom the cats to the scent.

Step 2

The next step is to confine the puppy to an area. This should certainly include at feeding times and could be a room with a baby-gate. The area of confinement should be circulated around the house as well as a safely enclosed outside area.

Step 3

When ready allow the puppy out on an appropriate leash or harness and proactively praise positive interactions and correct any chasing. Ensure the cats always have escape areas including high places to promote their sense of confidence and safety.

Does the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix make a good guard dog for the home?

Although very far from any form of attack-dog, the size and natural guarding instincts of the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix.

This dog may be slightly hampered by the fact that both parent breeds are naturally very friendly towards people. But despite this, if they do sense any threat to their family they will move quickly to protect them

Despite a generally laid-back temperament, the English Mastiff is and sensitive to any change in routine , including trespassers. This will combine with the size and power of the Great Dane who has a more mellow temperament but will rise to the occasion if they feel that their beloved humans are threatened.

This dog is also likely to be the strong and silent type, only when necessary. But they will always bark an alarm if they are suspicious that all is not well.

The combination of these parent breeds offers a very formidable guard dog who will still look to their owners for direction meaning welcome guests can feel safe, while intruders should heed any beware of the dog signs.

Where can I found out more about the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix?

If you are considering a hybrid breed such as the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix always research both founding breeds to ensure that you are fully prepared for the arrival of your Great Dane English Mastiff Mix puppy and nuance your training and lifestyle provision for your exciting new canine family member accordingly.

The price of a Great Dane English Mastiff Mix will vary but generally hybrid breed dogs such as the Great Dane English Mastiff Mix cost less than pure bred dogs such as a Great Dane puppy or a English Mastiff puppy.

Please feel free to browse our breed guide for more information on the Great Dane, English Mastiff and other breeds.

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