Mutts/Mixed Dog Breeds

"A lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me" (Barack Obama)

Mutts - A winning ticket in the lottery.

If you opt for a mongrel you are choosing the unique.  This dog has not been bred for a specific purpose, for the way it looks or for profit.  But guess what?  This dog is the most popular of all the breeds.

These dogs are the products of serendipity or good fortune.  I have heard it described as a ‘lottery’ when you pick one of these dogs in that you don’t know what the dog will look like nor can you gain clues or insights regarding its temperament.  But I would argue that this will nearly always be a winning ticket.  

Dogs are just wonderful and if you treat any dog well you will get back what you give exponentially.   Is adoption the best option?  Again a risk perhaps, but one that often pays off with great reward.    Each dog that finds a forever home also opens up a space for another dog in desperate need of sanctuary. There can be nothing more rewarding than giving a dog a second chance because they all deserve it. These dogs will generally make a good fit for most lifestyles.  It is still always important to find out as much as you can about the origin and parentage of the dogs.  

Of course, like all dogs,  they are a mixed palette of different breeds.  But so are the pedigrees.  The chief difference being that pedigrees standards were established over the last 150 years or so and variance has been restricted.  Whereas randomly mixed breeds continue to diversify.

After all these dogs have natural selection on their side which has always led to the continuation of the healthiest specimens.  Most randomly mixed breed dogs are robust and have  long lifespans with less health complications.  

They are all brilliant with huge personalities and good genetic stock also often means good temperaments .  Not often in the spotlight of dog sites or books, the mixed breed actually defines what is best about dogs:  their wonderful diversity, adaptation and resilience particularly in those dogs who have had a difficult start.