Why get a Sheepadoodle?

I don’t have a Sheepadoodle, but I do have an Old English Sheepdog with a haircut who often gets mistaken for one. He really doesn’t mind because Sheepadoodles have all the fun, cuteness and empathy of this founding breed. They will turn heads with their bear-like gaits, and teddy-bear faces. Like the Old English Sheepdog they are finely attuned to your moods and very empathetic. A reliable friend bringing sunshine to even the darkest days.

For tears brought on by allergies, rather than sadness, the coats of this mixed breed are classed as hypoallergenic thanks to its Poodle parent.

At the same time many Sheepadoodles have the exuberance, love for life and breathtaking athleticism of the dashing Poodle. As the Poodle is rated the most intelligent dog of all, the Sheepadoodle is unlikely to be just a cute face. You can expect your Sheepadoodle to be a doddle to train. A more sharp, enthusiastic and willing learner you would struggle to find.

Physical Attributes

Height: Large
Male 22-24 inches (56-61cm)
Female 20-23 inches (51-58cm)

Male: 70-85 Ib (31Kg-38kg)
Female: (27kg-36kg)

Colors: Grey, Black or Blue mixed with white.
Sheepadoodle - Group
Founding Breed Groups:

Old English Sheepdog: Herding Group

Non-Sporting Group

Lifestyle Guidance:

Very High



sheepadoodle - first dog


sheepadoodle - small pets
Good with Small Pets

Very Good

sheepadoodle - apartment
Apartment Living

Not suitable

Background and History

To fully appreciate the history and heritage of the Sheepadoodle you will need to explore the founding breeds.  Please read the breed information on The Old English Sheepdog and Poodle.

Like any other dog, each Sheepapoodle will be unique.  A specific dog may favor traits from either founding breed.   But a knowledge of the genetic ingredients of this mixed designer breed will give you an insight into the characteristics, temperament and  behaviors of this dog.  

This ‘doodle’ has steadily gained in popularity in the USA and the United Kingdom over the last fifteen years.  But its popularity  is now spiking and the Sheepadoodle has gained something of a large fan base.  This is reflected in that it is arguably the ‘doodle’ with the most nicknames.  As an owner of an Old English Sheepdog, I certainly never found ‘Sheepdogpoo’ cute until I encountered this dog.

The Sheepadoodle is a good candidate for dog agility and obedience trials.  It also makes  a fantastic therapy dog (one famous example of this is Zammy [1].  They look like walking teddy bears with adorable and loving temperaments.  Also the levels of empathy inherited from the Old English Sheepdog are a huge boon in this important role.

Character and Temperament 

If you went on to a dating site you might be scanning profiles for qualities like intelligence,  sense of humor and empathy.   If you are seeking these same qualities in a canine companion, then look no further than this cuddly and kind-hearted dog.

The Sheepadoodle certainly likes nights in with cuddles on the sofa.  It is a very tactile companion who will happily forget about its size as it jumps on your lap.  Like the Old English Sheepdog this mixed breed is also known for its great sense of humor.  This dog loves to play tricks like hiding shoes and acting the clown around the house.  As far as the Sheepadoodle is concerned these jokes never get old.

The Sheepadoodle makes an absolutely wonderful addition to anybody’s life whether alone or in a family.  They inherit the intuitive empathy of the Old English Sheepdog.  The eyes of this breed are often characterized as very ‘human’ and these dogs are celebrated for being very empathetic.  This dog will always be your best friend in good times and bad.  They have a relaxed and balanced temperament and are superb with children of all ages.  Although small children will need reminding that they are not actually teddy bears and to treat them with absolute respect.

Additionally these dogs are not aggressive to other dogs or smaller pets.  They are gregarious and will not mind sharing the home with other dogs.  Occasionally, the Old English Sheepdog can playfully ‘nip’ at other canines.  This is possibly  a hangover from their herding heritage and some Sheepadoodles may inherit this.  But  good socialization will render the Sheepadoodle the perfect playmate for human and canine friends alike.

An empathetic friend in sad as well as good times


These dogs are intelligent and highly trainable.  They are very eager to please, and a training regime based around positive reinforcement will prove effective.  The measured use of treats will literally and metaphorically have them eating out of your hand.  They also have the high intelligence of the Poodle on their side and are able to learn an impressive range of commands.

These dogs absolutely dote on human companionship and try to be at the center of everything.  It is thus highly important that you prepare them for the inevitable periods that they are left alone.  Training to manage separation anxiety should  be prioritized.  They are not a good choice of dog if they have to be left alone regularly for significant periods of time.

These dogs make good watch dogs.  They  are protective of their family members and will bark an impressively loud alarm if unknown visitors appear at the home.


Both founding breeds are energetic dogs designed for the outdoors.  No surprise then that the Sheepadoodle loves the outside lifestyle.  It is the perfect company for active owners who enjoy pursuits such as walking and hiking.

A healthy Sheepadoodle will need around an hour and a half of walking each day.  This alongside as many opportunities as possible for physical and mental stimulation.  This will develop this breed’s ‘dognition’ to even greater heights. 


These dogs generally tend to favor the appearance of the Old English Sheepdog rather than the Poodle.  Although they can appear more lithe and less thick-set than the standard Old English.  Also some can have the slightly more dome-shaped head of the Poodle

They come generally in different sizes which is, as is the case with other doodles, dependent on the size of the Poodle parent.  The standard and more common Sheepadoodle typically stands at around 23 inches (58cm) and weighs up to 85 lbs . Other sizes and weights vary down to mini Sheepadoodles.

Coat and Grooming

The coat is a single coat but thick and curly.  Thanks to the Poodle heritage it is not only hypoallergenic but also is low-shedding.  It does benefit from regular grooming and should be brushed every couple of days.

The colors for this breed are very varied.  This is due to the poodle heritage although some will echo the grey and white (or ‘blue’ and white) of the Old English Sheepdog.

Lifespan and Health

This is a healthy breed with a lifespan of around 12 to 15 years.  Possible health problems include: Bloating,  joint issues such as hip and elbow Dysplasia, and Addison’s Disease

Other names:

Sheep-a-Poo; Sheeppoo; Sheepdoodle; Sheepdogpoo


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